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Forgotten Corners

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The round room sat in semi-silence and semi-dark. A few dim lights and a few low voices where all that penetrated the dark and silence. Most of the chairs at the  tables where occupied. An armchair at the back was pointed away making sure the figure behind it was impossible to see. Right besides, on a table that was a bit lower than all the others in almost total darkness someone was scribing into a book. Each time a page was done it would be ripped off and taken into a room at the back , a library, indexed and placed somewhere . In some places the light was gone making recovering the pages there impossible while others, even though cherished where either decayed or lost to time. The person, undistinguishable in the darkness that covered him or her, was now slowly scribing "Silence…. silence… silence…" and then erasing it. In an instant a door in the room burst open and a figure trampled over the silence and darkness talking loudly, eyes almost glowing:

-I LIVE!!!


-Of course you do love. Would have been a helluva boring life would out you, said a person sitting in semi-darkness. He got off his chair and put his hands on this desk, entering the dim light at his desk. A stylishly dressed man in a tuxedo juggling a coin in his hand visibly thrilled by this sudden apparition appeared. His desk featured various scraps of newspaper in a totally random order.


-And what visionary rabble will you impose upon our ears this time? The sound came from a desk almost totally covered in darkness.A man who looked aged before this time sat on a chair behind a few opened books .


- I now know my destiny, said the new entree in his overly enthusiastic voice.I hope at least. I can’t be like everyone else. I just can’t. I have to do something more. I’d feel my entire life wasted if I died without leaving the world a single good reason to remember me . He was talking looking at the armchair while talking even though not a single movement could be seen from the other side. The scribe was now writing as fast as he could to get down he could.


- Reality is the death of visionary, said the aged man from behind him. You know that.

-But what is reality as it is today if not a vision of peoples past? A saddening reality is, yes, the death of vision but, at the same time is vision not a different shaping of reality and , in the end, is reality not the consequence of vision?

-Hah! Good call. He got you old man, said the man in the tuxedo .

-But is there balance ? Is there? Is the purpose you set out to fulfill guaranteed to succeed or are the chances as dim as the light in this room? said a voice from behind a desk . The man wore glasses, a simple white shirt and blue coveralls, clothes resembling the bankers of ages past. His desk was filled with various papers full of numbers, a scale and various weights. He placed a piece of paper with something written on it on one side of the scale and it tipped heavily. He then began placing weights on the other side and slowly the scales began to even.


-Little to none. Your point is proven but I can’t let that deter me. I won’t allow it. There’s more to it than just numbers, chances and balance. I’m well aware of what I’m getting into , the chances and the risks. Given the situation I’d much rather try and fail than never try and regret it forever. And if I fail I’ll give up.
-But there is balance … The man in the tuxedo jumped over his desk with great agility and in an instant he was next the the scales . With another move he tipped over all the weights and with another move he ripped out a piece of paper from a notebook on the desk, placed on the scales and wrote a name on it. The second he took the pen off the paper the scales evened and started slowly moving up and down.

-There is a certain deal of uncertainty we can’t ignore-
- Following the line of the same idea I propose we never leave our houses on the ground that we might get run over by a car or mugged , said the man in the tuxedo to the man behind the desk with the scales.

-Be silent you maggots… I can’t hear myself think. Your idea is noted. Balance exists . Now take your seat again… I haven’t forgotten about you… we’re just so busy these days… take a seat and do your work…. The voice came from behind the armchair. The room slowly sunk into the same silence it was before.

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