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Hah! Nu prea am mai facut asta. De fapt multe din lucrurile pe care le fac recent… E 4:30 , sunt venit de la banchet, ma injura picioarele in limbi pe care nici lingvistii nu ar putea sa le inteleaga, mi-e somn dar nu pot sa dorm si eu scriu pe blog ( …dupa destul de mult timp si culmea trei insemnari deodata ) . Si brusc m-a apucat o dorinta sa scriu cu diacritice. Nu stiu de ce. Dar mi-a trecut repede aceasta ultima forma de masochism pentru ca e destul de greu sa pastrez si dezvolt trei idei deodata fara sa trebuiasca sa mai adaug si ??? cand trebuie…Tocmai am realizat ca doua din articole incep la fel asa ca am schimbat unul din ele. E greu la ora asta …. Tocmai a iesit si ultima persoana si acuma e liniste. Mai putin Winamp-ul … Dar eu scriu. Al nabii sa fiu daca ma opresc… I’ve got too much on my mind at the moment. Which is weird, I’ll explain later why. Also I’m ignoring my other two entries in favor of this one. Also, to add to the weirdness, I’ve swapped Romanian for English. Again I dunno why. I wish someone would say something. I drift in thought endlessly sometimes and I REALLY need an anchor sometimes. That’s what people are good for. Also this blog’s spellcheck stopped working. Weird… One of them’s done. The rooster’s bugging me. It’s not ours but some idiot has some chickens and a rooster. In the city . Pseudo-city at least… Anyway… Back to the matter at hand. I finished one of the three. It turned into a big methaphor I’m eager to get feedback on. E 5:07. Mai am pagina de jurnal care nu stiu cat o sa tina si inca o insemnare. I’m gonna try and get in touch with a former classmate . I’m really curious how she’s been all this time after tonight, we haven’t talked in ages… Ma doare capu’ . It must be that JB coming back to haunt me…Se lumineaza. Nu pot sa cred. :) ) Da o eroare la cealalta insemnare. Mi-e somn. Blogul ma de-logase , ce inteligenta infinita pe programarea lor, lucru care explica si lipsa spellcheck-ului. Am salvat cealalta insemnare. Voi continua, candva. Mi-am dat seama ca desi am multe in cap si capul meu functioneaza pe un sistem de baterii reincarcabile dupa o anumita perioada. Asa ca o sa termin doar asta. A fost frumos azi la banchet, interesant. But it’s over and now we’re moving on. It’s genius if you think about the time of day I’m writing this. It’s early morning. The sun is just rising and sweeping away traces of the night before. It’s genius. Just like that I’m gonna sweep away fears and move forward. I regret nothing. It’s all been one imperfect journey with mistakes, laughter, hate, love, sadness and anger to a perfect ending. I regret nothing and I’d totally do it again, every single detail and every single stupid, retarded, funny and hateful thing. Now I need to take a trip down memory lane for a few … A few I dunno what. I theoretically don’t have the time. But I always have time. I’ll start rereading my blog. I really need to do that. The sun’s up. It’s 5:37. Night….

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