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My God

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I believe in God . I really do. Not your God. Mine. I suppose we all have our gods, or our version of the Omnipotent one and so. We need a God to give life purpose and we define him to narrow down our definition of that purpose. But before I tell you about my God let’s look at others. The Christian version of God, which is the most accessible to me since I am of orthodox religion, exists for peace and order. You can tell that by looking at the commandments. They specify that you must live a good life by those guidelines or forever suffer the pains of hell. The majority of people who believe in Him rarely stray far from that path and if they do most genuinely regret that and return to the side of the Lord. There are even those who, confronted with their greatest sins and facing punishment, in their darkest or latest hour find God and repent. Thus a perfect labyrinth is created to hold the peace of the world. Or close… Not all people are devout believers and not all of them Christians.

Moving on I will introduce my version of God or what I believe He must truly be. There are things we can’t ever explain, I believe that and thus I believe that someone created all that exists for creating something from nothing is still a mystery to my mind. I defined him as the intelligent creator as I believe that even though he created the Universe, he played by the laws of the universe he created and thus all came into existence rather slowly, not in 7 days as the Bible tells us. I believe him to be the Creator, but not the planner for I do not know if there is a plan for this world and I have yet to notice any hint of one through the chaos , therefore there might not be one. As for his judgment , should he be interested in the judging of our souls, if we posses them, I think that it won’t be done by such shallow criteria such as "Thou shalt not kill" which cannot be molded to every situation possible but rather by a version of right and wrong which, hopefully is the same with mine. Thus is my God, if he exists as I pictured him, may he judge my soul, if I posses one.

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